Inside the Ice Bucket Challenge

Posted by: Joyce Matthews   |   1 Comments   |  Posted on: Aug 27, 2014

ponderIce bucket challenge – have you done it? Are you thinking about doing it?

It’s everywhere you look on social media – Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Vine, Snap Chat, Instagram – anywhere you can post and share videos.

The world is saturated by icy water and nominations.

You’ve probably been challenged as well – is there anybody who hasn’t yet? Even world famous film, sport and music celebrities are hoisting icy buckets over their heads – it’s all the rage, everybody is doing it. Everybody can be a video star with the ice bucket challenge.

It’s for a good cause.

A little known charity ALS has suddenly found itself at the heart of this viral video vortex. Which is great; it’s seen its donations grow exponentially and has had more publicity in the last few weeks than it could ever imagine.

It’s very noble to follow your beliefs.

For those people who have a personal connection to the charity, it’s a great way to broadcast your beliefs and share your story, by putting yourself in an uncomfortable or painful situation, which you share with as many people as you can, for something which is close to your heart. That’s what a lot of the great leaders of our time have done, isn’t it? History is littered with brave heroes who’ve often fought a noble battle for a courageous cause.

If you’ve done it already, and posted your video, what was your reason?

Maybe you had a connection to the charity? Or did it for a charity of your choice? Perhaps you agreed with the philosophy behind it?

Or was it just because someone said you ‘should’? Or because someone ‘expected’ you to? Or maybe because someone said you ‘need’ to do it because they nominated you? Or because everyone is saying you should join in since everyone else is doing it? And because you have to do it within 24 hours, you felt pressurized or obligated; you don’t want to be seen as a ‘spoilsport’, or called a ‘coward’ or a ‘bore’.

Maybe you’ve never even thought about why you are following the’ ice bucket challenge’ leader?

Do you ever wonder what other ‘ice bucket challenges’ you might be following in your life or work? What else might you be doing that you’ve never thought about the reason why? Are you blindly following routines, habits and people without ever wondering why? Are you making decisions and taking action because you want to or because you’re scared not to? Are you doing things right like everybody else or are you doing the right things for you?

It’s all too easy to find ourselves in patterns of behaviour where we do things others expect us to; getting into the habit of behaving in a certain way to keep others happy. After all, habits are just memorized solutions, and if behaving the way others behave gets you acceptance, and makes you one of the crowd, then why wouldn’t you follow the leader? Why wouldn’t you keep repeating the solution until it becomes an ingrained habit?

Unless of course you are a leader? Unless of course you are the one who breaks the chain, and chooses your own course? Unless of course you are the one who is brave and courageous enough not to do the same as everybody else? Unless of course you are the one to stand up for what you believe in and create the new ice bucket challenge? Are you?

What if the ice bucket challenge is about more than just dousing yourself with a bucket of water?

One Comment to Inside the Ice Bucket Challenge

  1. Jimbo
    May 13, 2016 1:21 pm

    There are times in life when it’s ok to be upset or depressed and that is when having friends to talk to really helps. It becomes a different story when someone is always depressed or always talks about their problems. Mix it up a little! Finding positive things to talk about or even to joke about in the face of adversity enriches the friendship and the coennrsatiov. Cliche though it is ~ laughter is the best medicine and the side-effects are so pleasant.

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