3 ways to your heart’s desire

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Everybody loves success. And it’s easy to achieve when you are on the right road with the right motivation.

Nobody likes to fail

We all know too well what it’s like when we don’t achieve what we’d hoped to. Remember those resolutions? The times you tried to stop something, or start something new, or change a habit? We’ve all been there; we’ve all started the new fitness regime, or the new diet, or the new hobby, and fallen by the wayside.

Or even in a work situation, when you try to change part of your routine, to keep your desk clear, or leave work on time, or not open emails in the holidays. We all know exactly what it feels like when we don’t manage to succeed; when we don’t achieve the goal we’ve set ourselves, when we miss the mark.

Goals that excite

We also know what it feels like when we succeed. We know that feeling of elation when we’ve accomplished something worthwhile, the rush of adrenalin, the surge of energy, that feeling of fulfilment.

We can always find a good excuse for not succeeding. But the truth is it’s usually because we’ve chosen the wrong goal for the wrong reasons. And when we do succeed it’s because we choose the right goal for the right reasons.

What all this boils down to is the reasons, the purpose, the ‘why’ is the driver of your goal.

Knowing your big ‘why’ is what gives you the motivation, passion and energy to pursue your goal. Whether you’re leading yourself, a small team or a huge organisation, it’s the decider as to whether you will be successful or not.

Achieve your goals

The bottom line is, if you have these 3 ingredients in your ‘big why’ you can be successful too.

  • Autonomy – can you get to this destination with your own hard work? Can you take responsibility for your actions and make things happen? If you have to rely on others to make it happen for you then you don’t have autonomy.
  • Mastery – will working towards this destination help you to get even better at something you already enjoy? If it isn’t improving skills you already have and enjoy using then there is no path to mastery or enjoyment on your journey to this destination.
  • Purpose – will others benefit from this? If this doesn’t make a difference in other peoples lives then it’s unlikely it will make a difference in yours, or give you the energy to continue with it.

Who wouldn’t want to be on the right road with the right motivation right now? Find out the reasoning behind your burning goal. Why are you doing it? For what purpose? Dare you take the test for goal success here and achieve your heart’s desire?

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