Hide and Seek

Posted by: Joyce Matthews   |   No Comments   |  Posted on: Aug 10, 2016

If I wanted to hide I’d be a tree. In a forest. Straight, tall and green like all the rest. I’d be rooted, still, standing, never moving, one of thousands of trees, in thousands of forests all over the world.

If I wanted to hide I’d follow the rules. Toe the line. Do what was expected of me, predicted for me, mapped out for me. I’d be plodding, following a well-trodden path, head down, filing past.

If I wanted to hide I’d take advice. Do as I’m told. All the ‘shoulds’, ‘need to’,’ have to’, ‘ought to’. I’d gobble it up and swallow it down, and pretend I feel all right taking someone else’s prescription.

If I wanted to hide I’d sing the same songs. Fit in. Dance the same way, wear the same clothes. I’d be a clone of everyone else, of my time and my place.

If I wanted to hide I’d keep quiet. Shut up. Not protest, not question, not think out loud or notice or feel or wonder. I’d have no voice and acquiesce by my actions.

If I wanted to hide I’d live a dull life. Buy not create. Boast not listen, tell not ask. I’d fit into the pigeon coop assigned for me and always ‘home’ when I’ve been let out to fly.

If I wanted to hide I’d write like everyone else. Bullet point blogs. Reveal the secret, share the latest findings, astonish with my knowledge. I’d type productively and unhappily.

If I didn’t want to hide I’d be a unicorn.

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