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Self-awareness is what Style J leadership is all about. I realised this when I was watching a You Tube video today. 

I’d gone on to LinkedIn as I do most mornings, to check for any interesting articles. I like to read posts I can relate to and one by Australian Coach Educator Stuart Lierich popped up in my feed.

I read the article, which was about sports coaches, from start to finish. I was nodding as I read it. I could connect with everything Stuart said, from my past life as a PE teacher, but also from my present life as a leadership facilitator.

I started playing a little game of mine – transposing words in articles to see how concepts map across, and this morning was no different. I swopped the word ‘coach’ for facilitator and ‘players’ for leaders, and deleting the word ‘sport’, the article made complete sense for me. In fact, I enjoyed reading it so much, I watched the video he had attached to it.

The essence of his blog and his video, was to ask sports coaches not to be ‘copy and paste’ instructors. To encourage them to seek out new ways of ‘designing challenging and engaging activities that transfer to improved skill and performance’ rather than relying on someone else’s ideas or plans.

I agreed with his points and thought of all the fun, and personal learning ‘copy and paste’ coaches are missing out on. I love figuring out new ways to help leaders learn. I’ve often thought it would be much easier to ‘copy and paste’ to repeat programmes, create off the shelf products, but it’s so much more exciting to be creative, to learn about learners, their culture, their context and to design the ideal jigsaw of learning for them.

I felt the need to press the thumbs up ‘like’ button and add a comment.

‘Self awareness for coaches as well as players?’ I asked.

‘Yes, definitely’ he replied, and that’s when I noticed I was playing my own game again, thinking about my own context, talking to myself.

What I had just asked was ‘Self awareness for facilitators as well as leaders?’ and that’s when the penny really dropped.

Style J leadership I’m prototyping is all about self-awareness for facilitators as well as leaders. It’s all about the most important quadrant in Daniel Goleman’s emotional intelligence model. It’s all about the one quadrant that influences all the other quadrants – so it makes sense to me to focus on it. Not just for leaders’ learning, but also for facilitators’ learning too – a co-learning, co-teaching process, pushing the boundaries.

Now I’m wondering which leaders will prototype with me?

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