You S of A

Posted by: Joyce Matthews   |   No Comments   |  Posted on: Oct 28, 2018

Sipping from the cup of home-made apple pie

I push my sunglasses straight and gaze up to the sky

I’m in safe company, me, myself and I

As I dream of the future and the planes fly by


It’s autumn or fall, I never know which

The sun starts to drop and the seasons they switch

My thoughts on the game, a Hail Mary on the pitch

And a whisper of next time when I add another stitch


To the flag and the stars so brilliantly white

With the faces and the places, more than mere stops on my flight

And the road to the day time that cuts through the night

Which I reach out and feel for with wonder not fright


For these are my people, so eager to know

Who climb without ropes to let themselves grow

To feel every grip, every breath, every pulse when in flow

Like the blood of the nation and the future they sew


With Washington crossing a new hope he gave

A pact for the future with bridges that pave

From one side to the other over a pond for the brave

Much more than a story, a teased thread of a sparkling new wave.

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