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Paul introduced me to them in Costa last week. Over a cup of green tea. A cup, fit for a tall latte rather than hot water the colour of a pale pea. I had a feeling I’d met them before, in Newcastle years ago. Was it Tony Wright who had introduced me, or Maria? It was one of them, about ten years before.

Back then I hadn’t really paid attention. My mind had been full of other things. They didn’t really matter. Didn’t affect my life. I didn’t notice them.

Yesterday they came to life, right in front of my eyes. Ghosts from the past, made real during our conversation, this family appeared as bold as brass.

I learned more about them as Paul talked. Insidious, much worse than the mafia. They didn’t maim or kill, just hypnotised, deceived, created mystery and confusion wherever they went. And they went everywhere, were everywhere, are everywhere. In politics, education, management, on the stage, in books, films, thesis, and with most of the top names in every industry. This clan are mad, bad and dangerous to know. Sinister and manipulative, they create smokescreens to mesmerize and confuse. They are the beloved of preachers and fakers, snake oil salesmen and confidence takers.

I notice them every day now. Where I read, when I listen, what I watch. I point them out to whoever wants to see that little-known covert family. The Nominalisations.

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