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I started my career as a PE teacher.
I became a teacher of teachers.
Now I’m a facilitator of facilitators – specifically facilitators of andragogy.

I believe my purpose is to help teachers who want to be facilitators of andragogy. The way I do this is to ensure the teachers I work with have the understanding, competence and confidence to be effective facilitators of professional learning. I provide workshops, programmes and mentoring for teachers from all over the world to help them model, design and be effective facilitators of andragogy.

Want to attend one of my programmes?

  • Facilitator of Andragogy – a three-day certified programme for teachers in adult learning theory, programme design and facilitation skills. You will leave with two different design templates, a facilitator competency framework and the competence and confidence to design and facilitate your own sessions or programme.
  • Facilitation Friday – facilitating facilitators, mostly on Fridays. One day workshops held on Fridays for teachers and facilitators of andragogy. You will leave with new tools, techniques and the confidence to take your facilitation practice to the next level.
  • Style J Facilitation – a half day immersion programme in the skills of facilitating leadership. You will leave with a Style J Leadership design template and the experience to use it.
  • The Facilitators’ Facilitator – one to one appointments, group coaching or bespoke workshops for facilitators looking to develop their practice even further.

Get in touch by phoning me on + 44 7920453690 or emailing me at

I’m a member of:

I’m also a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts.

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