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joyce-25Starting out as a PE teacher 30 years ago, my passion has always been to enable effective learning, to create those light bulb moments when thinking ‘shifts’; when people realize they know the answer, can do it, or understand. And during those 30 years I’ve worn many hats – teacher, trainer, lecturer, mentor, coach, advisor and manager. Now, instead of working with children, I work with leaders – aspiring, middle, senior and system.

Government agencies, charities, schools  and educational businesses in India, Malta, Gozo, China,  Japan, Zambia, Canada, Brunei and the UK work with  me because I reach their target audience with leadership learning which is meaningful, relevant, time and cost effective.  I provide effective solutions; leadership programmes which change thinking and behaviours rather than just build knowledge. 

I develop leadership skills in a way that’s designed to help individuals to think for themselves. To help them to walk, talk, think and behave as leaders. A way that uses the way the mind works to convert leadership learning into leadership actions. 

The benefit of this is you can rest assured your staff will get the training they need to make sure they’ll be ready to do whatever you need them to.

I’m a member of:

I’m also a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts.

Leadership Development for you and your organisation

I deliver 3 products in the UK and international market:

  • Leadership Development – consulting, coaching and speaking on how to develop your organisation’s leaders 
  • Leadership Learning – workshops and seminars on how to design and develop your programmes and resources for your organisation
  • Leadership Facilitation – programmes to train your Leadership Trainers and Facilitators to develop your organisation’s next generation of leaders

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