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A one page reflective worksheet to provoke leadership thinking

Plenary activity - how your leadership is reflected on Robert Dilt's pyramid of neurological levels of change.

In a room where there is effective facilitation of leadership development, what exactly will the facilitator be doing. Find out here...

These are traits attributed to inspiring leaders. Discuss the questions with your colleagues and sort the cards into Goleman's Emotional Intelligence quadrants.

A book about the impact of the written word and how this applies to leadership development.

A gallery of quotes and pictures to accompany the 'Communication for Aspiring Leaders' workshop

Teachers identify what Andy Hargreaves' “uplifing” leadership looks, sounds and feels like in a school context.

Session notes for a 2 hour workshop to help leadership facilitators create a successful model for leadership development programmes

Inspired PE teacher’s analysis of school leadership; this book breaks leadership down into behaviours and actions that you need to ‘play’ the game effectively.

A book of quotes for those who are passionate about developing inspirational leaders who make others feel motivated and valued.

How do we set expectations for the academic year? How will we know when we get there? How to shall we travel to get there?

For trainers and facilitators of professional learning - a half day professional development session on communication for aspiring leaders

Sometimes we know we want to be somewhere other than where we are now, but we don’t necessarily know where that might be.

You’re confronted with an upset parent or an unhappy head of department. How do you deal with the situation? What do you say?

You’ve been asked to do something you don’t really want to do. How do you say no without hurting anyone’s feelings?

Revealed...5 essential, and unexpected, books to help you develop 21st century leaders

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