• Joyce Matthews presented to some of young rugby players at Currie Rugby Club on developing their life skills and building a successful career. The presentation was excellent, intuitive, personal and above all else inspiring. The players' reactions were fascinating. Initially there was the usual deep scepticism but this was quickly blown away as Joyce challenged them on their behaviour. By the end of the session, the change in attitude amongst the players was graphic as players realised that Joyce was talking in a language that they could understand and was making complete common sense. Players refer to the session even months later and the impact on the Club has been entirely positive. Many of these young players were likely to play only a bit part in the premier team's season. In reality, five or six o them are now automatic choices and the Club is having its best season for a long time. Charles Mullins, Chairman Currie RFC, Managing Director Head of Edinburgh Office at TilneyBestInvest
  • Very difficult to define attributes as Joyce has worked with a variety of staff at a range of levels. Is able to help staff define what they need to do in order to move forward with confidence rather than procrastinate or over complicate issues. Is also able to challenge high level leaders to keep their eye on the strategic intent with considerable skills in techniques and business strategy. Joyce has taken my organisation a long way forward.      - Lynne Ackland, Headteacher, Heaton Manor School and Sixth Form, Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Joyce is a truly inspirational facilitator, who can read a room and then take the participants on a journey without them even realising how deeply they are thinking. With a strong understanding of the cognitive processes which underpin how learning occurs, Joyce uses a range or proven strategies, rooted in the latest research, in order to bring about genuine and meaningful reflection. Participants will leave Joyce's sessions feeling professionally and personally challenged and ready to embrace new challenges with confidence. How does she do this? Joyce has an extensive toolkit at her fingertips but I would say that her weapon of choice is most definitely her questioning with 'surgical precision'. A truly remarkable individual. I would recommend Joyce's work to anyone in education and indeed beyond.       - Andrew Truby Executive Headteacher | National Leader of Education | Ofsted Inspector | Game Changer
  • Joyce is a highly effective facilitator. She is composed, perceptive and insightful, always cheerful and positive; she is a great asset to any team. Joyce builds rapport with learners and the secure, trusting relationship she generates enables her to challenge them appropriately with skilled questionning, helping them to develop their thinking and deepen their understanding.      - Peter Smith, Executive coach and leadership consultant
  • Joyce is an extremely gifted facilitator who develops deep learning with the groups she works with. This was evidenced in the Chinese group that she led at the National College for Teaching and Learning. An inspirational colleague whose boundless enthusiasm for learning enthuses all those whom she works with. I would recommend Joyce unreservedly.   - Chris Grimshaw, Managing Director Inspire Ltd.
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