• I found working with Joyce stimulating and enjoyable. She is a highly skilled facilitator with a passion for helping others to learn. Her wide knowledge of all aspects of facilitation makes her a valuable colleague. 
    I am happy to recommend her without hesitation. - Bryan Purvis Consultant Facilitator at National College for School Leadership   -
  • Joyce is the ultimate professional with a wide range of skills. A thoughtful intuitive practitioner, she is a most effective facilitator and her ability to ask thought provoking questions enables the learning of others move forward significantly. I recommend her unreservedly.   - Carol Stewart, Lead Assessor, Lead Facilitator and International Associate
  • Joyce is a very supportive professional. She challenges you greatly without you even realising it and she gets the best out of people at all times. I've never heard her say a bad word about anyone - she's way too positive for that!   - Julie Goodfellow, Headteacher Dunston Riverside Primary Academy
  • Joyce is a knowledgeable and dedicated professional. She brings enthusiasms to all projects she undertakes. As I colleague, I have found Joyce supportive and always keen to offer advice and assistance. I would be happy to endorse Joyce's skills for any educational or sport related training or consultancy positions.   - Mark Salter, Associate Consultant at Dragonfly Training
  • Joyce is a sports entrepreneur and a fantastically hard working communications professional who brings vibrancy, creativity and 100% dedication to all her work. - James McArdle, Leadership Team Member, The Pilsdon Community    
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