About Me

I’m based in Scotland and work with government agencies, charities, schools and education businesses in India, Malta, Gozo, China, Japan, Zambia, Canada, Brunei and UK. I worked with the National College of School Leadership in England and Nottingham University as an International Associate facilitating school leaders programmes and leading facilitator training. I now work as an International Associate with the University of London’s Institute of Education and Education Scotland.

I believe the job of the teacher is teaching and the job of school leader is adult learning. How to do that is by design and practice – using the principles of andragogy and the skills of facilitation. What I do is teach leaders in education how to be facilitators of andragogy.


andragogyan-druh-goh-jee, -goj-ee ]

from the Greek

andr-, meaning man, agogos, meaning leader of


My programmes

  • School Leader Facilitator of Andragogy – a three-day programme for leaders in schools covering andragogy theory, programme design and facilitation skills. You will leave with two different design templates, a facilitator competency framework and the competence and confidence to design and facilitate your own sessions or programme. Endorsed by Education Scotland.

  • Andragogy Masterclass – a two-day programme for leaders in schools covering andragogy theory, basic andragogy design and simple facilitation skills. You will leave with one design template, and the competence to design and lead your own in-house sessions.

  • Style J Leader – a one day workshop for leaders discovering the skills of andragogy. You will leave with a template for any situation where you want to apply Style J andragogy.

Whether you’re looking to attend one of my programmes or you’re a high-flying school leader facilitator looking to develop your practice even further with mentoring or coaching, get in touch by phoning me on + 44 7920 453690 or emailing me at joycematthewsportfolio@gmail.com or fill out the form below.

Joyce is a truly inspirational facilitator, who can read a room and then take the participants on a journey without them even realising how deeply they are thinking.
— Andrew Truby Executive Headteacher | National Leader of Education | Ofsted Inspector | Game Changer


I have written several books that are available on Amazon. These cover a lot of the practices I use and are a good way of cementing the learning from my programmes.


Style J Leadership

This book is an unconventional approach to leadership learning, a change to the status quo; take what you choose from it.


Invent A Job for Teachers

What happens after teaching? Where do you go after you’ve been a school leader? What is the next step on a teacher’s leadership pathway? It is possible for school leaders to leave school to make a difference, and a living from using their teaching and leadership skills.



This book is 'an eclectic collection of creative writings that demonstrate the mystique, mystery, wit, humor, pathos, emotions, and spirit of the author.


Inspiring Unschoolleaders

Inspired PE teacher’s analysis of school leadership; this book breaks leadership down into behaviours and actions that you need to ‘play’ the game effectively.


If I Could Give You One Piece Of Advice

Have you noticed how most school leadership literature focuses on advice and guidance from experienced school leaders or academics about what leadership is – the different styles, the competencies and concepts involved?


The School Leaders Gide

This is a book about written words; the impact of written words, how they can make others feel, and how this applies to leaders, and leadership development.
It’s written to compliment the plethora of leadership advice, articles, books, theories and programmes already around.